Abs in 8 weeks? AB-solutely!! – Part 2

Abs in 8 weeks? AB-solutely!! – Part 2
by Corey Springer

NarkSide: November 8th 2009

And we’re back for another core-melting installment!

Part 1 was a piece of cake wasn’t it?

*Loud silence ensues*


C’mon… Breathe! I was just kidding. I know just how brutal it was.

Hm… Well… I… really don’t mean to scare you guys but, that…that was just the warm-up.

From this point on, we step into a world where mere mortals never venture.

Are you guys game?!

(BTW: The correct answer is AB-SOLUTELY!)

Now we get down to the REAL meat of the matter. Let me introduce to you Abdominal Anarchy (c2) – “The Finisher”.

c2: all advanced moves… all ridiculously hard.

Let me suggest this to you now: if you’re not physically up to this challenge, do another two circuits of the c1 work-out… and skip this (harder) circuit altogether!

/end disclaimer.
c2 – Exercise 1: The side plank



Yep… we’re bringing out the big guns from the very beginning! We’ll be doing one repetition of this exercise on each side… holding the peak contraction for 30 seconds (on each side).

Our advanced readers out there can do the elite version of this static hold instead of the above version:


c2 – Exercise 2: The plank



The plank looks easy… but it really isn’t. Heck, you’ll find that out on your own soon enough. Our goal here is a 30-second hold at the ‘Finish’ position. Make it happen!

c2 – Exercise 3: The plank – push-up position



Looks like a push-up right? Don’t be fooled!

This exercise is like the push-up’s abusive step-father!

It’s BRUTAL! It’s SO brutal that I’ll take two 10-second holds here… each with a different arm extended. (i.e. you’ll do one 10-second hold with the left arm extended… and then you’ll repeat with your right arm extended).

By now your core should feel like it is no longer your own. We’re not done yet though… We JUST GETTING STARTED!

c2 – Exercise 4: The spider-crawl.

In this exercise we basically move from a totally upright position, to a modified plank position… all the while bending our legs only minimally. Basically, you’re ‘walking’ on your hands until you’ve reached full extension. Sounds hard?

‘Hard’ is an understatement!




Upon reaching full extension, I want you to hold that position for 10 seconds. Don’t worry, it’s soon over.

…well, at least that’s the story I’m sticking with!

c2 – Exercise 5: A full hand-stand, from the ‘frog’ hand-stand position!




“Nark… are you serious?”


Hell Yes.

At this point, it doesn’t matter how long you can hold this end-position. Whether you get there or not, we WILL move on to the next exercise in this circuit. However, it’s important that you try. I mean, hell… you’ve come this far, why give anything other than 100% now?

c2 – Exercise 6: Pseudo-Spiderman


30 seconds of crawling around like a crazed costume avenger. You’ll look absolutely ridiculous… Just about as ridiculous as the the burning this movement will generate in your core. Do NOT take this exercise lightly!

c2 – Exercise 7: The “crab-back” and modified “crab-back”.

“What the hell Nark?”

You asked for it… and now we’re delivering gatdammit!

The crab-back is a childhood favourite of mine which I rediscovered while working out with some gymnasts a decade or so back. I can’t tell you just how important stretching the core is for people who spend most of the day sitting… particularly where injury prevention is concerned.

Nothing stretches the core quite like this exercise. Trust me!

Position 1:

Position 2:

Position 3:

We’ll be using this 3-part move to stretch the abs, obliques, and hips. Each position will be held for 10-20 seconds, for a total of a 30-60-second crab-back.

c2 – Exercise 8: The modified “Flag”.

Now you’ll see why we call this circuit the “Finisher”. Our last exercise is absolutely insane. If you can’t get it done, I really won’t hold it against you.

The standard ‘flag’ ends when the trainee’s body is parallel to the ground (and perpendicular to the pole). However, we’ve added a twist to the movement. In our version, the ‘end’ is that point where the torso is parallel to the ground…and the lower-body is parallel to the pole.





I’ll take whatever you can give me here… be it a 1-second hold at peak contraction, or a 10-second hold.

Having completed the circuit, take a 3-minute rest and then repeat it once more… if you can.

Kudos to you if you’ve made it this far.


Corey “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of:
NarkSide” Fitness Forums
Apollo Fitness Barbados
NarkSide Apparel

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