Gadal Model Management Inc. endorses Apollo Fitness Barbados!!!


In a world consumed with “keeping up appearances”; a billion dollar industry based on aesthetics and things; gadgets; diets and fads to make you look good, wisdom has come to dictate that “looking good” is nothing more than the end result of being healthy and adopting and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

If the pressure to look good for the average person were not enough; for the individual like the celebrity; recording artist; actor and model, whose very careers depend on how they look , the pressure to always be perfect is immense.

At Gadal Model Management Inc. we have prided ourselves in being one of the few Model Agencies in the region to successfully place models in major international fashion markets. To do this successfully is no small feat and takes a lot of teamwork; talent included to achieve positive results in what is often a very short time-frame.

In order to do this we need the very best on the team to get the best out of the model talent in the shortest space of time possible. We have found the team at Apollo Fitness to be very helpful in this regard and the results achieved with the models we have entrusted to their training and direction in the area of health and nutrition have been nothing short of phenomenal. The accuracy of the programmes developed for each individual model in their care is seen in the transformation that takes place in a very short time, (provided that the steps are carefully followed and the model is dedicated and consistent) is very evident.

If you are a Model serious about your career and are prepared to work hard the team at Apollo Fitness is an essential ingredient in your arsenal. For us at Gadal where the best is a must, Apollo Fitness is our first step in creating the best models both physically and mentally in the region and beyond!

R. Graham Edwards

Chief Executive Officer
Gadal Model Management Inc.

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