Failure, squats, assholes and broken things.

NarkSide: May 26th 2011

really, I should have entitled this blog entry ” ‘try’ and ‘do’…both should matter to you”; but then I might’ve gotten caught into a rant-free mode…punctuated with rainbows, unicorns, and candy.

And…you know as well as I do: Candy makes you fat. Fuck that.

*clears throat*

The real world, vs the fitness world – why the difference?
Firstly…IS there a difference?

There must be. I say this because the things I’ve experienced in the “real world” clash so heavily with the things I see daily in the fitness world.

People, in the real world, are assholes… Point blank.

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“No, no Nark…that’s just mean!”

…But is it?

For one, I know that if I treated my clients the way people treated others in the real world…I’d have no clients.

In my past relationships, and even within interactions with my family, I’ve seen a common theme: people don’t (generally) appreciate effort unless it transcends into the achievement of a goal. I’ve heard other people echo a similar sentiment where their interaction with family and significant others is concerned.

Personally, I remember a significant other putting it ever-so-eloquently by saying: “there is no try…there is only do”. (Yes…apparently within bastardized Star Wars quotes one can find the answer to all relationship issues. Thank you dear heavenly Yoda.)

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No “trying” means: if you try to communicate an emotion, but it doesn’t effectively carry over, then you’ve failed to communicate. Later you’ll hear, “you never communicate.”

No “trying” means: if you attempt to clean a room, and your attempt to do so doesn’t meet a pre-set standard (regardless of it being your best) you will have failed to clean. Later you’ll hear, “you never clean.”

And, I say “Never” because arguments are always fed with absolutes.

^^Saw what I did there?

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On the flipside, “real people” become clients…and in so doing get transported to the magical fairytale commonly called the gym. At the gym, people expect the rules of reality (as they enact and follow in “real life”) to bend. If a client were to go to the gym 6 days per week…diet 7 days per week, but cheated on their diet or missed a weight-loss goal, would telling ’em “you suck” be fitting?

No… It wouldn’t.

If a client capable (in your estimation) of squatting 300 pounds for 20 reps failed at the 15th rep (for whatever reason), would you berate them for their lack of follow-through?

Not if you wanted a.) To see them succeed in their goals, b.) To keep ’em as clients.

So why is it acceptable in “real life?”


No answer?

That’s because it SHOULDN’T BE asshole!

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“Ok Nark…but how does this relate to health and fitness man?!”

It doesn’t.

…Or maybe it does, in the same way that everything we do, think, and feel about ourselves and bodies affects our pursuit of health and happiness.

To those of you out there dedicating your time and energy to self-improvement I have to say this: there is no shame in failing. Fitness is a lifestyle choice – a journey of a lifetime. Failure is an opportunity to learn…so embrace your shortcomings. Learn from them, and grow as a person. Ripped abdominals will follow suit.

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^^They have no choice but to.

To the rest of you…stop being assholes. They stink.

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