Deliberate leg training…for deliberate growth.

NarkSide: June 13th 2011

“How can I get a  pair of legs like yours?”

“How can I get a butt like yours?”

I get  questions like these just about every time I step into the gym… or toss on a  pair of shorts. Hell, jeans are no protection from questions like this  either.

(…not that I’m complaining mind you.)

img src:

I used to be unsure of how to answer  that question.

But, then I started to watch other people train. Wasn’t  hard to see then why so many people have stick legs

What I found missing  from a lot of trainee’s workouts was the deliberate execution of  movements.

Sure, there are a lot of guys who move a ton of weight. But,  out of that flock you’re sure to find a pretty large percentage of guys who  don’t have the mass to show for the weight they move.


One  reason is that their form sucks… so a lot of other muscles are brought into  play.

Another reason is that they use momentum.

(Yet another  reason is that they just plain hate the feel of a couple hundred pounds crushing  their spine…but that’s a discussion for another day lol!)

Momentum and  form are the two facets that we’ll be discussing today.

Here are a  few vids I’d like you to check out. This may be a no-brainer, but I’ll make the  request anyway:

  • Do ignore the fact that there are small chicks in ’em.
  • And, hell, if you fixate on the fact that it’s a chick giving you  instructions, check out their thighs, compare ’em to your own…and then STFU  and listen.

Dumbbell full squats, pause front squats, hip-dominant  deadlifts etc:

You Tube


You Tube

Pause  squats:

You Tube


You Tube
You Tube

It’s a  no brainer.

Try training legs in a deliberate manner, and I gaurantee  soreness and growth.

Take-home points:

  • Use Full ROM
  • Use tight form
  • Deliberately contract musculature

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of:

“The NarkSide” Fitness Forums
Apollo Fitness Barbados
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  1. I respect very few people in the Fitness/Training game. And you’re definitely one of them because I know who’s real, who speaks the truth, who lives for the shit and who doesn’t. I agree with everything you said here. Great videos to match.

    And since I’ve been working on my Squat technique for some time now, this is even more inspiring to watch and I’ll continue to use my instinctual knowledge, which is exactly all that you stated here. Deliberately. 😀

    Thanks for a great post. And yes, your legs are hellalicious! 😉

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