Fitness Success… Life Success: One Simple Formula.

Fitness Success… Life Success: One Simple Formula.
Narkissos & dukkitdalaw

: June 29th

Good evening all.

I’d like you to repeat after me: “I am the best.”

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…I AM the best!

So many times, while we’re feeling on top of our game, something just reaches out and drags our butts back down to earth. Sometimes, that thing drags us even further. We find ourselves, no longer looking at the stars from the clouds…but rather, trying to dig ourselves from the belly of the earth so we’re able to at least see the grass. Yep, many times, we fall from the mountaintop, hit rock bottom…and then, when we feel that we can’t get any lower, the floor falls out from underneath us.

And, we wonder: Just how the FUCK did we get here?

A minute ago, weren’t we sitting at 8% bodyfat, KILLING it in the gym? How did we find ourselves on the couch, painfully fat… attempting suicide with a cocktail of chips and cake?


Who cares?

I don’t.

What *I* care about is getting back up to the top of the mountain.

So… let’s get back to the top:


While trying to float like a butterfly, it’s easier to get stung by a bee. Reaching for the sky makes you an easier target. This isn’t to say “stop trying.” Rather, this is to say “keep trying”…but expect people to take aim at your back.

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Some people will aim at your back, & content themselves with riding on your coat tails. Others, will drag you back into the dirt with them.

Success only comes to those who know themselves. You can only get so far off of riding piggy back.


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Friends & loved ones may fall under the category of “Some people”. In your darkest time, you may find solace in strangers. But, again, expect this…and persevere.

Friends are nice to have. Family can “usually” be depended on. But the only person in this world who is 100% always there for you, through shit storms, hard times, sunny days, and long nights…. is yourself.

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When you learn to communicate with yourself… when you learn to trust in your choices, and accept your mistakes… you will have one hell of a friend.


When you come across hard times, hard choices to make, or are just plain at a loss for what to do in life…. asking someone for advice is the norm. But its a simple fact, most people give bad advice. Most people cannot relate to someone on different levels. Most people are simply put; stupid and self absorbed. They have their own problems. So yes, ask for advice. Then go with your own instinct.

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Learn to trust your instincts. Your heart and mind working together are a powerful combination. Whether its work, fitness, what to cook for dinner or relationships; you need to trust in yourself. Accept- your choices. Grow- from your experiences and mistakes.

Persevere – through whatever life throws at you.


  • Accept.
  • Grow.
  • Persevere.

This is the formula for success. This is the key to satisfaction. Whether ‘success’ be defined by self-love or by gobs of money in the bank, this mantra is the key to accessing it.

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Copy this template into your life. Apply it to your fitness.

Apply it to your job.

Apply it to your search for peace and self-actualization.

Persevere, and enjoy. God bless.

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of:

“The NarkSide” Fitness Forums
Apollo Fitness Barbados
NarkSide Apparel

-Alex “” Gelsinger

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