7000 Sit-up Challenge for the month of July!!!


^^The 7000 sit-up challenge.

I created the challenge to give people an incentive to workout harder (or start working out) in the month of July.

I also gave ’em free diet and training advice to support their goals…as part of my ‘give-back’ initiative.

350 people have confirmed participation… but truth-be-told, it’s gone viral. Hundreds more in my country alone are doing it. People on blackberry messenger have told me that their contacts have spread it to their contacts. Some soldiers in the middle east told me they spread it to their mates… so it’s been hectic but fun.

…and, more so, humbling.

‘Cus, I mean, there are middle-aged mothers doing it as well (mainly because their daughters are doing it), and they’re taking time out of their day to hit their quota. So days when I don’t even feel like working out (as it happens from time to time) I remember that some little old lady across the ocean isn’t punking out.

As of tonight, July 18th, I’ve hit 6000 sit-ups. 13 days to go… and only 1000 reps more to be done. I may end up around the 10k mark

Last month I started a push-up challenge that went similarly viral. Hopefully next month we’ll be able to build on the same drive…and encourage a couple hundred people to get up and be more active.

How the Challenge has affected me personally:
Thus far I’ve found that the challenge hasn’t negatively affected my body composition, or my recovery. I was training twice per day leading up to it, so I was already operating at a high work capacity. So, I’m getting a little harder as it goes on.

What I’ve found tho is that my core is way stronger, and I feel ‘better’ overall. I’ve experienced no soreness at all over these past 18 days ( – strange… I know). The latter is a surprise for me, as I hadn’t prioritized or seriously trained core since I needed to bust through the 500lb deadlift barrier in 2005 or so. Sure, I tossed in some abs here and there…and did box jumps/planks/plyos as part of my conditioning work or the bootcamp classes I teach… but no serious direct work.

As to my previous injuries: My back is feeling healthier… and so are my hips.

The plan is to hit up the chiropractor at the end of July to get re-aligned…and then, I think I’m going to see how this increased core stability carries over onto my deadlift.

Next month, I think I’ll make the challenge a squat challenge…and I’ll switch my training over to the Smolov squat routine to compliment this.

August is going to be an interesting month… for sure.

Anyway… just wanted to share it with you guys here.


-Corey “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of:

“The NarkSide” Fitness Forums
Apollo Fitness Barbados
NarkSide Apparel

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Challenge Tees
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