Conventional Wisdom Says “Carbs are your friend.” Fuck Conventional Wisdom.

NarkSide: Captain’s log – May 9th 2013

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve switched my diet over from what I’ve been doing for years, to what is conventionally advised to dieters (and diabetics) by doctors. i.e. I switched from moderate protein, high fat, low-to-moderate carb (next-to-no fruit; instead getting my phytonutrients et. al. from vegetables), to low-to-moderate ‘lean protein’, low-fat, high carb (you know, cus ‘carbs are your friend…’, even if you have blunted carb tolerance and shit).

Swapped my pork for fish and chicken, ditched my coconut oil/butter/coconut milk and instead added fruits and grains. My calorie intake has not been increased however. All other parameters remain the same (except working out, as I have had to cut back on the frequency… given that I now have less energy for such, even with more carbs in my diet; I will address that later).

I can tell you right now that this is the worst that I’ve felt in years. My energy levels are fluctuating through-out the day. My usually-impeccable blood sugar is unstable. To top it all off… last night I woke up trembling. My blood sugar had crashed in my sleep. My fingers were cold and I was starving. “But what was your blood glucose level Nark?” Honestly, I don’t know. Last night, reaching for my glucometer was the last thing on my mind when I rolled out of bed shaking. But… yea. The next time I crash, I’ll be sure to measure my levels.

It’s 3:32 p.m. And, as I type this, my fingertips are cold. Seriously… how do normal people go through the day stuffing in carbs every couple hours?

I will continue this experiment in ‘conventional wisdom’ for another week…and then I will go back to a system of dieting that actually makes sense.

p.s. Fuck Conventional Wisdom.

-C. “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of: 
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