Don’t Talk to the average Person about dieting!

NarkSide: Captain’s log – April 14th 2013

Today’s post came out of a conversation I was having with someone dear to me this past weekend. Basically i, I was explaining to her how I gave one of my clients some cupcakes for her birthday… with the specific instructions that she was supposed to eat two, and then give the others away (and, to ensure this was followed, I repeated the instructions to her significant other, who made sure they w…ere followed).

I did it in this manner, so she would be able to enjoy a treat for her birthday (That wouldn’t get in the way of her progress), while having none to binge on in the days following her birthday (having given all away).

The person I was discussing this with countered ‘this coming from the guy who ate a pack of cookies last week?’ I honestly could not see the relevance. But, then I put myself in the average person’s shoes. Even if I can count the number of times that I’ve had cookies for the past 4 months on the fingers of one hand, and adjusted the rest of my calorie intake for that day/weekend each time to accommodate the inclusion of ‘junk’, the average person sees ‘but you ate cookies’ and nothing else.

I don’t post this to be discouraging… but, rather, to reduce frustration for people who are very enthusiastic about fitness. Not everyong is open to new information… and trying to explain the ins and outs of the complexities of dieting is not a one-off conversation. Never undertake it, unless you’re ready to go all the way.

p.s. Cookies

-C. “Narkissos” Springer
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