Strengthen Your Body… Strengthen Your Relationship.

aka “Why couples should workout together.”

NarkSide: Captain’s log – May 21st 2013

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G’day all!

If you’re a regular reader, you probably caught my earlier rant which was entitled “Why Couples shouldn’t workout together.” I’m very sure that it struck a chord with many of you… especially those of you who have managed to find a positive, supportive rock in your significant other.

Yes, yes… I know that some of you HAVE found success (or, at the very least, no hindrances) in expanding the parameters of your relationship to include ‘training partner’ in the list of duties. I know, because I have… on at least one occasion, in a past relationship. Also, I have trained a few couples who managed to strike that delicate balance. The improvements in their quality of life ran deeper than just ‘health’, ‘fitness’, or the cosmetic benefits of fat loss and increased muscle tone.

Today, I’ll share my observations.

1. Increased Self-Confidence

Everybody in the world wants to hear ‘you are sexy’, ‘you are smart’, ‘you are strong.’ Many of us suck up these words from shallow sources, and we are truly never sated.

This is, usually for two reasons:

  • What we crave (truly) is recognition from that person who means the most to us.
  • What we crave (truly) is to achieve something worth recognition.

Setting goals, and achieving them (whether with the help of, or in the presence of one’s significant other) covers both bases. Few things feel as good as that person who is most important to you not only believing in you, but sticking it out with you through the effort. This is doubly so when you didn’t believe yourself capable of achieving that goal in the first place.

Those feelings of strength, capability, trust, and the knowledge that you are supported in the things important to you… those things carry over in to our relationships… and they make us better, more reciprocative partners ourselves.

People who feel supported, are better at giving support.

Self confidence goes a long way in a relationship. Jealousy, trust issues, the need for control, and so many other negatives, tend to grow exponentially in its absence.

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Caption: My clients, Michelle and Carlos Certainly Trust each other.

2. Couples who workout together are closer

Good training partners are far more than just people who count your reps, shout supportive (and/or obscene and ridiculous) phrases at you, and stop you from getting pinned on the bench press.

A good training partnership is a relationship. Now, some of you guys reading this may squirm uncomfortably in your seats at that statement… but it is true. You trust your training partner. You believe in their belief of you. You believe that they care about your safety and health. You believe a lot of things… and it is the emotional bond of trust and belief that makes it work.

Imagine improving your already existing bonds of trust and belief with your significant other instead. Imagine, also, the increased benefit of better communication, and understanding body language… both of which are inherent to a good training partnership.

Mindblowing possibilities no?


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Caption: My clients, Michelle and Carlos are pretty darned close.

3. Couples who workout together, spend more time together

Let’s face it: In this fast-paced, always-going world we live in, we barely have time for anything… relationships included. If we live with our significant other, we get up, we rush off to work, we work all day, we come home, we may or may not hump each others brains out, and we’ll go to sleep.

Each day, we’ll repeat the process. We’ll communicate on instant messenger… maybe by phone sometimes. We may meet for lunch (hardly, or never). We may have date night once per week… or once per month (or never, when children come along).

In an ideal world, we would have breakfast together. We would have dinner together “as a family”. We would talk at both meals about our days.

This world is far from ideal.

So… Whether it is an hour or two, three to five times per week… it is an hour or two that is uniquely, and completely all about the two of you. Personally, it is an hour or two that I’ve always looked forward to…and those of my clients who have managed to make working out together actually WORK, echo the same sentiment.

4. Couples who work out together have better sex.

Regular readers of my blog would know that I believe, highly, in quoting study after study to support my core arguments. Today however, I won’t be. I’ll be quoting a simple mathematical equation of common sense.


Logic would dictate that:

[Improved Self-Confidence] + [Closer Emotional Bonds & Improved Communication] + [An Improved Body Image] + [More Energy] + [A Reduction of Stress (inherent to exercise)] = Better Sex

I challenge you to try it.

Let me know how it goes. 😉


-C. “Narkissos” Springer

Owner of:

“The NarkSide” Fitness Forums

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