How Can I get a Body Like *insert Random Celebrity here*?

Hi all.
A reader asks: “Nark. How can I get a body like [*insert random overtrained/underfed/Hopped-up-on-cocaine-and-plastic-surgery-looking celebrity here*].”
To which I replied:
  • Stop following unrealistic trends.
  • Stop looking towards celebrities and their incomparable lifestyles (many of which include surgery, drugs, 3+ hours in the gym daily, a chef et. al.).
  • Look towards health/fitness/wellness communities (like, Apollo Fitness Barbados, The Iron League, SparkPeople, LiveStrong etc.) which support personal development… and self-actualization.

Hell, any support group that encourages you to love you, and work harder at being a better you fits the bill.
Lastly: Get a grasp on reality. “What are you saying Nark?” Simple. Use the magazines you read (you know, the ones that you currently skim through, cut pictures out of and paste on your vision boards, and subsequently get depressed over) as a source of entertainment… not as a yardstick to gauge your self-worth. Entertainment (not edification) is their purpose. Vogue won’t make you feel better about the 2lbs you lost last week. Neither will it make you feel less intimidated by the other 28 you want to take off in order to reach your personal goals.

Take a breath.

Then, take a step off that path of negativity.

Yours in fitness,
C. Narkissos Springer

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