Appearances Lead To Narrow Thinking

As my peer pointed out: looks can be deceiving. For one, I’ve never fit the ‘big, dumb, meathead’ stereotype. Personally, I’ve always found it abhorrent… somewhere up there with “all men are dogs”, “black people are lazy and ignorant”; and the list goes on.

I enjoyed this post, not because it dispelled any singular myth in particular… but, rather, because it showed that our perception-fuelled logic centres are flawed. Secondarily it shows (me at least), that we need to reach out to people, experience people and their personalities, see past the images of (im)perfection (or otherwise) that we build in our minds.
And, ironically, this post popped up in my feed right after I’d had a similar experience and discussion with a peer at the gym.


Yours in Fitness,
-C. Springer



I sit here drinking my Psyllium Husk and my mind comes to life as any old night bird does with the usual nocturnal attention and I’m coming out to say don’t we all own stupid thoughts?  There are many moments where I’m not proud, more so, than I am when it comes to views particularly of the narrow-minded kind.

Looks are very deceiving and we aren’t supposed to judge the covers of books.  But this doesn’t mean we do what’s practical on a regular basis either.  I see it everyday working in the gym, people buying personal training sessions with the trainer who’s displaying the best body and with the trainer who exudes the most confidence and strength of mind.  And everyone’s guilty of it, sadly including me.  I know better but I’m not immune to being stupid or tragically impractical or human.

I put people with muscles on…

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