Overweight? I am you!

14th February 2014

img src: beautyredefined.net

“You’re intolerant of fat people”, says the casual observer (who, clearly, has never worked with me or observed the relationship I’ve built with my clients).

“You’d never understand our struggle with food… or anything, at all. Who the hell do you think you are, telling me what I’m capable of? You’ve never walked in my shoes!” – Cept… I have.

Today, at the age of 31, I put on a pants that I wore to school when I was 14:

It fits, and the waist has room in it.

Yes, this is my school uniform.

Yes, it fits (even though I’ve put on 100+ lbs of muscle since) because I was fat back then.

Few people remember that guy. Hell, some of the above statements were made by people who ATTENDED SCHOOL WITH ME, but still don’t remember that guy.

I remember him though. He motivates me to this very day.
I’m still him. I still fit in his pants.

I’m you.

Yours in fitness,
-C. Springer

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