The one line you should omit from your fitness vernacular.

Stardate: 20th April 2014

As I stood in the supermarket yesterday, shopping for the perfect cheese (which, admittedly, takes a while), there was this long convo running in the background between two women. It was pretty loud too. Overhearing was unavoidable, so I didn’t attempt to shut it out. For the most part, it was pretty mundane stuff… that just sifted through my ears and brain without registering..

That changed suddenly, as the conversation took an abrupt twist however. The catalyst? I’ll tell you. One woman had said to the other: “You’ve gotten SO fat!”


And, as if this statement wasn’t already unambiguous, rude, and inflammatory enough, she continued: “You’ve put on SO much weight.” I turned, in time to see the addressee’s face turn red… as she attempted to downplay her embarrassment and offence.

My thoughts on this?


No, seriously: Just STOP!

Doesn’t matter if it’s being done in a public forum or a private forum. It should NOT be happening, period.

I see it everywhere.

On facebook: When someone posts a pic, not at all related to weight, with a happy caption… immediately someone interjects: “You look chubby.”

The reality is, no one asked you.

A person owns a mirror at home, and doesn’t need *your* reminder. You are neither helping, nor amusing.


Yours in fitness,
-C. Springer
p.s. Here’s what some of my peers had to say on this discussion:
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  1. Nice one. But my question is, are we upset at the truth or are we upset at the way the message is delivered?

    1. Maybe both.

      Maybe neither.

      Maybe it’s utopic but, a lot of wish we could live in a world where people didn’t need to project their insecurities and negatives in to our personal space.

      Many of us know our faults. Many of us happen to be trying to work on them. And, many of us don’t need a multitude constantly pointing out what those faults or failings are.

      It doesn’t help… and, generally, things that don’t help, hinder.

      Of course, I could be wrong however.

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