Happiness is a two-legged Dog

Stardate: 5th July 2014

I like to say: “happiness is a two-legged dog”. Why? Let me tell you a brief story.


A friend of my mum’s has a dog who, due to a birth defect, gradually lost the use of her rear legs… Shortly after learning how to walk.

Were she a human, I thought to myself, she would have meandered through depression, and bouts of self-loathing. Her family would have treated her differently, and informed her of all the things that were beyond her reach. She would have believed them, and aimed lower.

Not this dog however.

This dog runs faster and plays harder than anyone around her. She rough-houses with pure abandon. She’s first up or down the flight of stairs next to her home, whenever an opportunity for a tasty treat presents itself.

This dog is happy. She doesn’t make excuses for herself… Or see herself as less of, or than, anything.

That is true happiness.

…and what I’m aiming for personally.



Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer



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