Love yourself guys: Leave!

Stardate: 15th July 2014

When a woman is upset, the usual route of release is to punch, and/or project at, the largest thing in the room.

Many times that ‘largest thing’, is you. And, society’s fine with that… because men are ‘strong’, and abuse is only abuse when it happens at the hands and/or lips of a man.

Well bros… It isn’t fine. And broader-than-her shoulders don’t make you invincible. Sticking it out and staying silent doesn’t make you a ‘real man’. Never leaving isn’t an indication of much you love her, as many memes would suggest.

What it is, is an indication of how little you love yourself.

So… love yourself more. Speak out. Leave if necessary.

Nobody deserves abuse.



p.s. This post is not about me.


Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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