Move me Lord

Stardate: 17th July 2014

Sometimes, things fall apart when they are on the cusp of evolving in to something spectacular. When I was younger, and less functionally depressive, such events used to render me catatonic for weeks and months. I remember one such episode years ago, which broke my long-standing faith in to more pieces than there is sand on the beach.

I remember how I went from having back and forths with God, like if (s)he were one of my boys. I remember how real the convos were. The cuss words. The ‘Dude… this situation is fucked up. I doan understand’-esque dialogue. And, I remember falling to the point where I didn’t even want to feel the warmth of grace permeating my grey matter and life.

Personal growth is a beautifully-complex thing though. The acceptance of change is a fruitful limb on that tree.

I’ve digressed however: Sometimes things fall apart. When I was younger, I fell apart with them. Today, my circulatory levels of “FuckItAll” ©, and my faith in God’s plan for my life, are so very high that I shrug and move on.

I see what you’re doing boss.
..and I accept it.

Move me.

Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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