Thank you Lord

Stardate: 3rd July 2014

I’ve got to say thank you Lord.

You always make it work. Even for the undeserving such as i.

Even when I bite off more than I can chew and you grant me stronger jaws.

Even when, in my unwavering inability to sense my limits, I take up a burden heavier than I can bear, and you grant me broader shoulders.

Even when you allow me to fail spectacularly so the sapiosexual in me, and its infinite thirst for knowledge, through that resultant situational growth, can be satisfied… and my hubris checked.

Even when I hear your voice resonating in my head, heart, soul, and decision-making cortex, but decide: “SCREW YOU… I doing it my way”; and you continue to speak to me.

I’ve got to say thank you Lord.
…from the depths of my filthy, fragmented soul.

Thank you.
And, amen.

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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