What’s your favourite workout song?!

Stardate: 22nd July 2014

A peer asks: “What is your favourite workout/gym/lifting song?”

Honestly, I’ve never worked out to music. I mean, I’m sure something might be playing in the background… at whatever gym I attend (unless I train at home; The only sound at home is that of metal hitting metal/concrete)… but I’ve never heard it. I zone out during my workouts, droning out anyting in the background: People, noise, music. All motivation comes from my mind. I see the bar exploding in my hands… the weight moving, and muscles contracting under the load.

And that’s how it’s always been.
I’m not knocking people who need iPods, and a special track to have a great workout mind you.

Just saying, that this will never be me.
‪#‎Sorry‬ ‪#‎DidntSeeYou‬

p.s. Feel free to post your favourite workout song in the comment section below 😉


Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer


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