Yes… I have fat days.

Stardate: 29th July 2014

I have bad days. I have fat days. I have days where I’m not motivated to exercise or eat properly. I can’t talk about those days publicly, because I am quickly hushed. The public sees the fit as OCD-fueled machines. The public believes that, because where I am is where they aspire to be, I and peers are not allowed to have goals… to fail… to feel bad (or anything at all) about it.

Today was one of those days: a bad day. It took me the entire day to motivate myself to go to the gym. And, when I got there, it took me forever to get warm (or, rather, to get my mind in the right place via multiple repetitions of my target exercise). But, when I finally hit that groove, it was insane.

I stepped under that squat bar and said to myself (out loud) : “Tunnel vision. Nobody will understand… and nobody needs to”. The world fell away. All sounds. All thoughts. Negativity. Everything.

I managed to have the best leg workout I’ve had this year. It was beastly.

All of this to say: The hardest part of fitness is two-fold. One part is actually starting. The other part, involves sticking around long enough to hit your stride.

The expression “don’t flog a dead horse” doesn’t apply to fitness. ‘Cus sometimes, you’ve got to do just that… to shut your mind down, and drown the world out.

dead horse

Get started. Doesn’t matter what of day it is.

Make it work.

Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer


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