Humans are Afraid of Falling

Stardate: 14th August 2014

While training a young lady, I noticed her wobble slightly. I stepped in immediately to offer her support and security. But, despite having that safety net, her mind told her ‘you’re going to fall’, and her body reacted to match. Hands flailed about. Long, well-manicured nails slashed left and right… costing me a few deep scratches.

And, it made me think: Humans are programmed to be afraid of falling… regardless of whatever safety nets are in place.


Falling, whether career-wise, love-wise, or physically, sends the brain in to overdrive. The thought leads to them causing harm to themselves and those around them. It also gets in the way of progress.

I thought about gymnastics/tumbling and martial arts… how one of the first skills one is taught is how to fall safely… because both art forms recognise how essential it is to allow oneself to fall, before one can pick oneself up (or use the momentum to shift in to a new movement pattern).

So, why don’t we teach ourselves the same in life? Why don’t we teach it to our children… instead of rushing to pick them up when they wobble (and bailing them out before they hit rock bottom in their adult life)?

Think on these things.

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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