Too busy for Fitness? Bullshit.

Stardate: 24th August 2014

Ok… So you’re ‘too busy’ (or too disinterested) to fit in a workout each day. Are you also ‘too busy’ to adhere to your diet?

It pisses me off to watch people (who know better) piss hard-earned results away due to poor food choices. If you can’t make the gym, stick to eating the foods you know you should in the quantities you know you should. There is ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY NO REASON why your weight should go up. A couple months away from the gym should mean one thing, and one thing only: some muscular atrophy (ie the muscle shrink a bit from lack of use, and ‘tone’ diminishes a bit). Not 20+ lbs of bodyfat.

Stop blaming your schedule. Start blaming:
– your need to stuff every fucking cookie your co-workers bring in to share in to your pie hole
– The soft drinks and juices you decided to replace your water intake with
– The chocolate you hide in your desk to ‘give you energy’ when your afternoon coffee binge loses its buzz.

Stop. Doing. Stupid. Shit.

fuck your excuses

Tomorrow’s a new day. Get back on that horse.

p.s. –>

Yours in Fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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