You. Are. Not. POOR!

Stardate: 1st September 2014

I have noticed a trend of late… a negative, dark, disturbing, downright scary trend. And, I’m not even talking about the fitness community… which is inherently saturated with egos, cliques, and venomous relationships. Naw… I’m talking about society in general right now.

The trend? Tearing others down. Bullying. Mudslinging. Everything short of violence. Behaviours that one would expect in war-torn 3rd world societies.

The ‘poverty’ paradigm.

‘Cept… y’all aint poor!

Let me clarify the above statement:

If you have gas in your vehicle, food in your cupboard, and people who love you… You are not poor.

If you have a warm bed to sleep in, the option of changing in to clean clothes each day, running water and indoor plumbing… You are not poor.

If you’ve never had to recycle bottles to get lunch money… You are not poor.

Worn and battered shoes of a beggar in the streets

If you’ve never had to take half the minimum wage for a full day’s work… You are not poor.

And, really, you shouldn’t act like it.

Even if you only have $2 in your wallet: Broke and poor aren’t synonyms, and can’t be used interchangeably.

You aren’t hungry. You aren’t dumpster-diving, so let go of the mindsets inherent to such.

I dunno what it is about economic downturn that makes people so fucking angry, jealous, vindictive… Like crabs in a barrel… But today, let it go.

Love and laughter are gems. Treasure them. Shine them daily.

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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