People who post Motivational Posters…

…are usually unhappy, social vampires.

Social Vampire in Training


I apologise in advance if I’m unveiling your scam to the world… but, i see through you: Posting quotes from authors you’ve never read; stuff you think people will like.

‘Cus if they like it: they’ll click ‘like’ on the post. Maybe they’ll comment. Maybe they’ll share. Maybe they’ll thank you for your positivity, and laud you for your depth… and maybe the mist generated, will elevate you above the darkness and doubt inside that you choose to hide from yourself.

But you’ll still be unhappy. And tomorrow you’ll do it all over again.

/end rant

Stardate: 5th September 2014

To access a positive outcome, a person needs to be able to think in (and quantify) negatives. This is where the omni-positive-everything-will-work-out crowd ends up spinning its wheels, posting ‘inspirational’ pics, while failing.

‘Cus everything does *not* work out: life isn’t unicorns farts and rainbows. With light comes dark, dirty begets clean… Likewise, failure and success are opposing sides of the same coin.

Focusing on one, without formulating contingencies for the other, won’t make the preferred outcome the automatic one.

There is nothing wrong with fear, for example.

Fear makes us aware of our surroundings, our limits, potential threats, and pitfalls.

I’m afraid.

I’m afraid daily.

I acknowledge this.

But, do you know what happens next? I quantify it. I measure the risks (if any), the threats (if any)… and I come up with a plan. Then: One foot in front of the other.

Left. Right. Left.

I doubt.

Left. Right. Left.

I doubt daily.

But, I also trust… and persevere.

Left. Right. Left.


Every emotion we have,  ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ alike, is valid… and purposed.

Don’t be afraid to be afraid.

Don’t be ‘that guy’.

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

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