25 Simple Things Every Person Deserves In A Relationship

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Thought Catalog

oneinchpunch  oneinchpunch

1. Being treated – and treating your partner – with respect, loyalty, and dignity.

2. A sounding board, with whom you can share literally anything.

3. Great nights out, and even better nights in.

4. Conversations in which both of you are fully present, and nobody’s looking at a phone or a tablet or a television or anything else that can distract you from being in the moment.

5. The knowledge that no matter what happens, you’re both always going to try.

6. Laughter – which doesn’t necessarily mean that one or both of you has to be funny. It just means that you are capable of finding humor and joy when you’re together.

7. Vulnerability over perfection.

8. Support in the flourishing times, but more so in the difficult times.

9. Actions matching words.

10. A relationship that focuses on the future, not the past.

11. Faithfulness…

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