Why would ANYONE spend money with Corey Springer?

Stardate: 21st August 2015


I think I’ll let my client Kerry answer that today.


My client Kerry. 🙂

Kerry’s Testimonial:
This year I turned 40! With my birthday approaching I realized I wanted to start my 40s being fit and healthy, removing the excess weight that had crept on over the past couple of decades. I started my fitness journey with Corey just over 8 weeks ago. Hiring him to help me on this journey was the best decision I made. I know the fantastic results we’ve achieved so far, I could never have achieved without his help. Not only have I shed 30 lbs and dropped a couple of dress sizes, but I am no longer tempted to snack, I have loads of energy, increased confidence, and I feel fantastic! Although I am still continuing on this journey, for the first time in a long time, I am comfortable and happy when I look in the mirror.
To be honest, I wasn’t originally looking to hire a personal trainer. I thought if I started eating “healthily” (which I didn’t really know how to), and followed a few YouTube workouts and exercise DVDs, I’d be well on my way to a fitter, leaner body over the next few months or year. And possibly, after six months or more, I might have lost a bit of weight. However, with Corey, I feel like I have made a permanent lifestyle change, which will ensure I keep at my ideal weight, instead of yo-yo dieting and losing interest in exercising after a couple of weeks. I’ve never been a fan of spending hours in the gym or on a treadmill, and with Corey’s templates he keeps the workouts varied so there is never a chance to get “bored”. In fact, I look forward to my workouts!
Corey has provided a detailed guideline for foods to eat. By following these guidelines I am never left feeling hungry, or tempted to snack on junk food or sweets. I’ve always really enjoyed my food, and find the portion sizes and choice of options keep me satisfied. I feel I can now make more educated choices of food to eat when dining out, also.
I came across Corey through a mutual friend on Facebook. I was always entertained by Corey’s posts, and started following him on Facebook. Over time I realized I really liked how he treated his clients, how connected he is with them, and how his enthusiasm and love for what he does spills over into his interactions with clients. I’d heard stories about personal trainers who are more interested in posing in the gym, and who have set formulas for training based solely on the age and sex of their clients. Call it woman’s intuition, but something told me Corey was as far from this stereotype as possible. And my intuition was correct! Corey’s training and diet templates are based on my personal fitness goals and lifestyle, and are definitely not cookie-cutter templates!
Whilst on holiday in Barbados I also took advantage of some one-on-one personal training sessions with Corey. These were invaluable. Corey closely monitored my form throughout each exercise to ensure my technique was correct, and he was the perfect mix of supportive, encouraging, and humorous, yet knew how to push me further than I would push myself, to achieve maximum effect with each exercise. Each session involved a variety of different exercises, with no two sessions the same, so I never felt the sessions were repetitive and they definitely were not boring! These sessions are never easy, but they certainly get results!
I also attended a series of Bootcamps (entitled “vomit” and “hyperventilate” – very appropriate). I was instantly welcomed into the group by Corey and all the other bootcampers. There is a definite camaraderie among all those who attend, so the social side of the bootcamp was an added bonus. Again, Corey was encouraging but ensured the exercises achieved results. This is no ordinary bootcamp, either. Most exercises were performed outside in the fresh air, and really gave your body a complete workout!
Everyone has different fitness goals, and Corey has helped me achieve amazing results in a short period of time, as we work towards my own fitness goal. For anyone wanting results, personalized service, and to be entertained along the way… I strongly recommend Corey – he’s the best!
^^p.s. #ISYMFS

Yours in health, peace, and fitness,
– Corey Springer
Apollo Fitness Barbados



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