What a world

This was written by a friend of mine.

Please give it a read.

Fortunately... I digress

2BEB038A00000578-3219553-image-a-24_1441263568969This is one of the images that lit a million fires. 65 million (give or take) actually. A collective fire that should burn long into the night, and make us all question our humanity. I know I have questioned mine. An excruciatingly painful tale of a father trying to escape conflict, to live a better life, not for himself but for his two sons. Two sons who are sadly no longer of this world. If there is a god, and that is a big if in my mind, then hopefully they are with him. Abdullah Kurdi, a proud man, took his family from a war-torn Syria to 2BE8B8DE00000578-3219553-image-m-35_1441238575731seek a better, safer life in Europe. To allow them to grow and flourish in an environment he deemed to be safe, the only wish of any conscientious parent. But Europe doesn’t welcome refugees, doesn’t welcome asylum seekers, until we see an image like this…

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