No Pain No Gain?

Not the only writer in my household. No. Here’s my wife’s offering: Pregnancy, delivery, and musings on motherhood pt2 —


The nurse finally came and spoke to us letting us know baby was doing fine after using the fetal dopler to locate her heartbeat. She told us that as baby moves down into the birth canal she has less room to move around. Corey had to leave the room so she could perform the ‘V’ (vaginal exam) to see if I was dilating and how far. After poking and prodding me, she said I was just about 1 cm dilated which meant labour was in the early stages. All the while she was watching my monitor and giving me side glances. She then asked what I was feeling. I told her just some tightening in my abdomen.
She said “hmm, ok. Hold tight.” And left.

I sat staring at the monitor, willing myself to understand what the information it was printing meant. The doctor then walked in and to my…

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