She Wasn’t Moving

Not the only writer in my household. No. Here’s my wife’s offering: Pregnancy, delivery, and musings on motherhood pt1 —


I woke up Sunday the 21st of June with one thought on my mind. The baby wasn’t moving. I had slept well but she usually woke me up with all her squirming.

By now I was well into my last trimester, a day to 38 weeks to be exact, and i was literally counting down the days till she came. I could tell what her every move was. What she was doing. I knew her patterns. When she was up and when she was resting. So when I couldn’t feel her moving that morning I started to panic a little.

I’d been having Braxton Hicks for a while now, ranging from just a small tightening to pains that doubled me over and brought instant tears. So I didn’t bat an eye when they started up. I said to myself “ok just be calm and don’t panic. She’s probably still sleeping.”

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