How I am Using My Love Language to Lose Weight.

And interesting read, by an interesting young lady.

Check it out.
May it resonate with you.



This week one of my friends sent me his newest blog post to read.

(Click to have a quick read3 keys to fat loss success)

As I was reading it he made a very interesting statement,

“When we copy formulae that fail to take our personal traits and triggers into account, we fail.” – Narkside (2019)

Mind blown 🤯

It was at that point I realized that I failed to meet my goals this time around because they were not tailored to my personality traits. I prepared my meals without fail each week, I wrote my goals down and congratulated myself when I reached them, I even implemented the famous reward system, treating myself when I reached a goal. Admittedly my Amazon cart is still full of things that I planned to purchase when I reached a goal. However, it did not motivate me to work any harder…

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