Meet Narkissos

Corey “Narkissos” Springer is a professional ranter with over a decade and a half of experience. That his wise cracks have assisted thousands of individuals in their quest towards achieving optimal physical health, is just a coincidence… a pleasant one at that.
Corey has accumulated 7 years of competitive bodybuilding experience… competing successfully at both national and regional levels during this time. Also during this time, he coached a number of athletes…taking two of them to pro-athlete status. After semi-retiring he made the transition to full-time coaching… founding his consulting company: Apollo Fitness Barbados; and site: NarkSide Nutrition in April 2007.

Since the founding of Apollo Fitness Barbados, Corey has developed several proprietary dieting schemes… with which his clients have realized amazing results. His clients range from Joe-Average, to models, and top-tier athletes. His portfolio of before and after pictures attest to the fact that neither he, nor his precepts should be taken lightly.

His piercing rants, written as content for Apollo Fitness Barbados, have been highly circulated. This resulted in Corey being sought after as a writer for a number of online publications.

When he isn’t making fun at life, Corey spends his time kicking people’s asses in the gym. Although no longer competing, he still takes his personal fitness very seriously… training 6-7 days weekly for a minimum of 60 minutes per day. Corey *is* Apollo Fitness Barbados… and Apollo Fitness Barbados is his way of life.

A word of warning: Leave your ego at the door.

We’re not here to babysit.