Move me Lord

Stardate: 17th July 2014

Sometimes, things fall apart when they are on the cusp of evolving in to something spectacular. When I was younger, and less functionally depressive, such events used to render me catatonic for weeks and months. I remember one such episode years ago, which broke my long-standing faith in to more pieces than there is sand on the beach.

I remember how I went from having back and forths with God, like if (s)he were one of my boys. I remember how real the convos were. The cuss words. The ‘Dude… this situation is fucked up. I doan understand’-esque dialogue. And, I remember falling to the point where I didn’t even want to feel the warmth of grace permeating my grey matter and life.

Personal growth is a beautifully-complex thing though. The acceptance of change is a fruitful limb on that tree.

I’ve digressed however: Sometimes things fall apart. When I was younger, I fell apart with them. Today, my circulatory levels of “FuckItAll” ©, and my faith in God’s plan for my life, are so very high that I shrug and move on.

I see what you’re doing boss.
..and I accept it.

Move me.

Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer


My personal journey with Christ

Stardate: 3rd July 2014

Some people aren’t aware of my lifelong personal journey with Christ.

“Corey? Not him. He drinks. He has tattoos. He cusses. He has sex. He isn’t shit.” – And they say that Christians are judgemental?

Ironic… since it isn’t the Christians whose lips are flapping.

On the flip side, some people know about my belief structure… but think it beneath me. “An intellectual that believes in a floating zombie in the sky? He can’t be as intelligent as we used to think. I can’t respect him.”

Both sides of the coin are fine. I accept them…as each of you that has a personal spiritual journey and guide should. Why? Because it’s personal.

Follow your path. Neglect not your spirit, whatever the avenue to spiritual nourishment you align with happens to be.

Ignore the naysayers. Abstain from warring over who’s right or wrong. Nobody is…and everybody is.

Find that elusive peace among the infinite conflict of today’s supramaximally-paced rat race of a world.

Find peace, and flourish.


Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer