What’s in your post-workout smoothie?

Stardate: 15th January, 2017

What’s in your post-workout shake?


A lot of people find the planning and execution of this meal confusing: an exercise unto itself, taken to extremes.

Either, their shakes:

  • nutritionally, are akin to a sugar-laden milkshake
  • are only protein powder
  • are only fruit and ‘super foods’ (mostly sugar, plus sugar, plus a hard-to-pronounce additive)
  • are a smorgasboard of foods considered ‘healthy’, that taste HORRIBLE (and digest equally horribly) in combination, and are thus not a sustainable meal.

Your postworkout smoothie should provide the substrates necessary to facilitate the shift into recovery mode. It should provide adequate protein, some fatty acids, and (depending on your goals, and diet over the course of the day) some carbohydrate. My personal preference as well, is some fibre. Additionally, it should not take your over your daily caloric allotment. Neither should it cause gastric distress (- the latter being a heavily neglected point, as many people believe that farting away their lives after a shake is just part of the process. It isn’t. Shouldn’t be rather).

Personally, I believe every ingredient should have a purpose.

Take @jaysmilezz’s smoothie this morning as an example.

1. whey protein
…rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids, particularly Leucine, which promote muscle growth. It may help to reduce systemic inflammation, and aide in inflammatory conditions such as IBS.

2. natural peanut butter
…contains healthy fats, some protein, fibre, antioxidants, and it’s effing delicious.

3. hemp seeds
…excellent source of healthy fats, some protein, may help to balance our hormonal profile… and adds great texture.

4. oatmeal
…rich in antioxidants, and fiber. May help to lower cholesterol.

5. flax meal
…high in fibre, low in carbohydrates, may improve the condition of skin and hair. Also, may help with post-meal satiety.

6. kale
…PACKED with micronutrients. Honestly, this space isn’t big enough to delve into this nutritional powerhouse.

7. sunflower seeds
…rich in bone-strengthening nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and copper… as well as selenium and numerous phytochemicals. Sunflower seeds may improve mood, as well as thyroid health.

8. coconut milk
…great source of lauric acid, which is both antibacterial and antiviral in effects. This fatty acid may also improve cholesterol levels, and be cardioprotective.

9. ginger
…helps with digestion, and eases gastric distress. Additionally, it may help reduce exercise-related muscle soreness.

10. nutmeg
…may improve cognitive function, reduce insomnia, aide digestion, increase immune system function, and aide in detoxification of the body. Also, it’s sexy and delicious. Believe that.

11. vanilla extract
…antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activity. Also, tastes effing amazing.

12. non-caloric sweetener and angostura bitters (optional)
…These are optional ingredients. I like them, because bitters (- namely the main ingredient: gentian) can aide in digestion. The multiple herbs and spices therein can also have very positive effects (- AND, they add an amazing flavour profile). The major drawback however, is that it is infused with ethanol. So, it may not be suitable for people who are restricting alcohol and ’empty’ calories. Additionally, non-caloric sweeteners are a matter of preference. Many theorists disagree on the ‘healthiness’ of their addition. But they serve our purpose in moderation.


We’ve tonnes more easy recipes over at too.

Check ’em out.

Yours in fitness,
– Corey Springer
Apollo Fitness Barbados

A reminder: Sometimes, even the best of us needs a hand!

Stardate: 11th June 2014

G’day all.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in the little island of Barbados. I was blessed with another day of life, love, and health. The birds and my biceps are in agreement. Were the latter able to sign like the former, both of their songs would be equally glorious. ‘Til my biceps learn to sing however, they’ll have to be content with being shining orbs of manly awesomeness.


I kid… I kid. Really though, you’d get that I’m in the best mood.

Why is that you ask? Well, it’s been a great week for fitness. Last night in particular, I started working with a new client. The review she sent me this morning of last night’s workout, and follow-up, almost-hour-long Q&A session brought tears to my eyes. Shortly after, one of my longer-term clients had a personal Fitness epiphany.

The latter, I’ll share with you.

His name is Bradley, and he’s an amazing person.

On my way this morning to run my location for Camp Gladiator , I had a moment: I remembered how I use to workout sssssooooo hard in secondary school.
I use to be so disappointed in myself…Asking “why am I so fat?!!”
Reminiscing on the times I would be jogging on the road and I would hear (from passersby): “Lewwe go FAT MAN!”
Reminiscing about the times when my chest use to be sore from sprinting with man boobs.
I’m JUST so thankful for the knowledge now, for the discipline to apply the knowledge.
The desire to change was always there. I just didn’t know how to.
Now I know:
  • 70% Nutrition- frequent use of nutrients
  • 20% exercise- resistance training to help increase lean tissue that in turn helps burn more calories doing cardio
  • 10% Rest/Recovery- Sleep is vital for change, recovery and prevention of injury.

All of my Secondary school peeps I know you remember how I looked back in the day.

Hard work pays off.

Bless up to Nark his teachings!


– Bradley Inniss; Certified Trainer


And… a reminder that even the best of us sometimes need a hand. Bradley’s a great guy, a certified trainer, and a National and Regionally-ranked Olympic lifter in our home country of Barbados.

Still, for all the hard work he’d put in, and for all the knowledge and experience accrued, he’s struggled to get in to shape. Under my wing, he is currently in the best shape of his life… and this, too, is an understatement really.

His story, is a lot like my own. I struggled with my bodyfat percentage, body composition, and image as a teen. All of that halted spontaneously when I humbled myself, and recruited help. I competed for 7 straight years in bodybuilding. And, even with the knowledge accrued, I still used a coach for 5 of those 7 years. Were I to return to the stage again, I’d hire a coach. Many would consider me and top mind in the field locally/regionally/etc… but I’d *still* hire a coach for my prep.


See the article’s tagline: “Sometimes, even the best of us needs help.”

Sometimes, we’re too smart for our own good. Sometimes, we know too much. Knowledge is great. Passing on knowledge is part of what I do for a living. The accrual, discussion, and passing on thereof is, partially, my goal in life. However, there is SO much information out there, and so many ways of doing things, that we often get oversaturated with it. And, this leads to doing too many conflicting things, questioning ourselves perpetually, stressing, and/or never fully committing to any one path.

A hand in the darkness: That’s what coaches do.

Today, I challenge you.

Ask yourself: “Do I need help? If yes, what’s stopping me?”

Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer

NarkSide’s Tuna Burger Recipe!

NarkSide: July 2011

^^Suggested serving: #OmNomNom!

 Hey all!

Recently, some followers of the NarkSide forum and Facebook asked that I share recipes for some of the dishes that I post in my “Dieting should never be boring” album.

i.e. Some of foods I cook daily.

I thought I’d start off with something simple… so here goes!

Tuna burger recipe
 By Corey Springer


  • 3 cans albacore tuna
  • 1 large onion (Diced)
  • 1 large sweet pepper (Diced)
  • 3 cloves garlic (Diced)
  • 2 tbsp salsa…medium spiciness
  • 1 lime
  • Binder (organic kamut flour, organic oat flour, organic soymilk powdery) to desired consistency
  • Pinch of baking powder
  • Water to desired consistency
  • Star anise, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, & fennel powder to taste


  • Shred tuna chunks to make it more malleable
  • Halve the lime… Squeeze the juice over tuna. Cover, and allow it to ‘sit’ for 5 minutes.
  • Mix all dry ingredients together
  • Add small amounts of water until flour is sufficiently saturated to act as a binder
  • Fold in onions/peppers/garlic
  • Shape mixture into patties
  • Grease grill and heat

  • When hot, place tuna patties on grill/grill pan
  • Cook until brown on one side. Press, and flip.
  • Repeat on other side
  • Plate

-Enjoy 🙂

-Corey “Narkissos” Springer
Owner of:

“The NarkSide” Fitness Forums
Apollo Fitness Barbados
NarkSide  Apparel