The 3 Keys to Fat-loss Success

Stardate: 2nd May, 2019.


Hi, friends.

So… in my last article… I revealed a SUPER SECRET extra magical hack I use to get into killer shape.

Admittedly, what I’d like to talk to you today is clickbait by comparison. Really, it isn’t about fat-loss specifically. But, rather, about 3 tips for success in anything you undertake… period; including fat-loss.






…including fat-loss.

What I’m talking about, in a nutshell…

  1. Be consistently true to yourself… whoever (s)he happens to be at present.
  2. Be willing and ready to allow yourself to adapt, always.
  3. Be persistent: persevere.

No brainers, right?

Cliché brain farts, aye?

Let’s dig a bit deeper, fam.

  1. Be consistently true to yourself, regardless.

“To thine own self be true” –  William Shakespeare

Across the centuries, humans have to repeated countless interations of this saying. Indeed, in the modern era, ‘authenticity’ sells. Think about the influencers you follow, and the brands you purchase. We gravitate towards spokespeople who are unapologetically themselves. Somewhere in the middle of the melee however, we – the consumer – have forgotten how to do the same thing we crave. We mimic the people who seem to be manifesting outcomes we want to replicate, oftentimes doing so in opposition of our innate personality traits. Psychology theorists call this the invented self.

It is a fabrication… and an invitation to fail. And, it’s one of the reasons we fail, repeatedly.

My successes have all been because I analysed and found a way to be okay with whoever I was at that time.

For example, my first business model: I was going through a bad time emotionally. I was brilliant, but a bitter asshole. My first business built on that aloofness. It was snarky, science-based, informed, horribly ecletic, but unapologetic. It thrived.

As I healed as a person, my following business model was base around being family-oriented, accepting, and inclusive. It thrived too.

Presently, I’m a troll and a cuss-bird. My current business iteration is based on having as much fucking fun as possible. I regularly prank my clients, while motivating and supporting them towards theirs goals… but I have SO MUCH fucking fun. Did I mention that it’s thrived also?

This precept has worked in love-relationships as well. Check out the ‘five love languages’ some time.

But what does this have to do with fat-loss?

It’s pretty much the same shit.

When we copy formulae that fail to take our personal traits and triggers into account, we fail.

For me, as many of you would know, I’ve practised intermittent fasting and keto dieting for a LONG ASS TIME – at least a decade right now. But it wasn’t always that way. The decade that preceded that, I did basically every style of dieting under the sun… and they all worked, until they no longer worked. Whether the change was due to  endocrine changes, or cognitive changes… or what have you, eventually my dieting styles stopped working. They stopped being applicable. The person I was at the the time, was different… so I had to be true to that person and find another way.

I had to…



2. Adapt.

  • Growth is Change.
  • Change is growth.
  • Recognising change is growth too.
  • So is recognising the need to change, and allowing oneself to.

We usually fail on 2 out of 4 of these at any given time during fitness, love, and entrepreneurial pursuits equivalently.

And, it’s understandable: once you’ve gone through all that effort to discover your authentic self, and manifest a process that works for that self… it’s so fucking unfair that we need to make adjustments, isn’t it?

…cept, you do so at school to succeed.
…You do so at work, to succeed.

Why the fuck wouldn’t you allow yourself to adapt to succeed elsewhere?

Why? Because it’s easier to do it when we’re being forced to (by someone else). See our initial point:

2. Be willing and ready to allow yourself to adapt, always.

Yes, it’s hard and unfair to have to kick your own ass. But… life is hard and unfair; harder and more unfair when we are inflexible personalities, unwilling to recognise the need to change and/or the process of change we need to undertake.

“Being flexible with who you are is okay. It is not denying or disrespecting who you are. People are often too rigid about how they are and stick with the comfortable and familiar. Adapting to a situation can make you more true to yourself in some circumstances.” – William Fleeson (psychologist)

Will you let yourself be great?



3. Persevere


perseveres (third person present) · persevered (past tense) · persevered (past participle) · persevering (present participle)

To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

Persist and persevere. Sounds like that cliche shit our parents like to throw around.
And… it is.
That doesn’t mean it’s wrong though.
Because… it isn’t.
At least, not in the right circumstances.
Persisting with negative habits? No. That’s a fail.
Persisting in the face of a deadend relationship or job? Also a fail.
Persisting with stuff that doesn’t make sense? Garbage!
However, persevering atop a tsunami constituted of our two precending fronts (- trueness to self and adaptability – )? MONSTROUS WIN!
Whether it be by finding out  your partner’s love language, and adhering to it… or figuring out whether carbs work for you (- via improving performance and cognition), or don’t, whether fasting works for you or doesn’t, whether you can adhere to long boring cardio each day, or thrive on HIIT – or what have you: showing up, and applying yourself ties it ALL together.
And, here ends our fitness reading.
You’re welcome. (lol)
To re-cap:
  1. Whoever you are, in that moment, is fine. Work on that person, but accept them as well… and, equally importantly, work with that person. Find a way forward that respects that person.
  2. Recognise that you won’t be that person forever. Recognise the stranger in the mirror when they show up. Say hi. And be ready to find a way forward with that person, for that person.
  3. When you find something that works… show up, invest in it, in yourself: apply yourself wholly.

Let yourself be great.



Yours in fitness,
– Corey Springer
Apollo Fitness Barbados

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