So You Want To be a trainer? Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship.

Stardate: July 24th 2015

G’Afternoon friends.

As many of you would know: I’ve been self-employed for a decade and a half. For the last ten of those years, my primary job has been personal training. I’ve seen SO many of my peers fold up shop within the first year or two. And, many times over, I’ve been asked: “How do you do you it? How have you stayed in business, regardless of the economic hardships that manifest?”

It isn’t a short answer however. What I will do today, is give you a few of the precepts I keep close to my heart, applied to every thought and step I take throughout every hour of every day.

Here goes!

  1. Watch economic trends. Diversify your income stream. As an entrepreneur, your primary service will NOT always provide a steady stream of income. What does one do during the low-income periods? Not pay bills? Shut down? Get a desk job? NO! Unacceptable! Spotting the shift in the tide, and having a side hustle (- or additional product/service) to bring in a trickle of income – that’s how we stay afloat and productive all year round.
  2. Be selective of whom you give your time and energy to. Both are irreplaceable, and of the utmost value. Trust me on this.
  3. Never respond to correspondence outside of your stated business hours. An hour or two after? That’s fine mind you. But, no… not at 3am – because you “happen to be up.” Why? 8 times out of ten, people will respond. 9 times out of ten, those people that have responded will start sending your correspondence at all hours of the night. 10 times out of ten – those people will get riled if you don’t reply in future. Entitlement. Respect. Don’t you dare devalue your downtime.
  4. You are good enough. Carry yourself accordingly. If you believe it, act it, breathe it, and live it, people will follow suit. Your life will be your brand: Authentic, identifiable, believable.
  5. Be unapologetically yourself. Un-a-fucking-po-lo-getically, yourself. If you’re an asshole, be the best asshole you can be. Nerd? Own it. Do not bow and scrape. Do not try to fit. Make waves. Carve your niche. Everybody has a place in the world. Find yours.

I have.

CropOver Read In 2015 -3

Yours in fitness,
– Corey Springer
Apollo Fitness Barbados

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