How Are We Haiti?

Some words about the unspoken beauty of Haiti, from my brother in wordcraft DJ Simmons.

Perception. I sure succumbed to its powers while flying over Haiti’s massive mass and many mountains. A quiet hum on the aircraft proved my fellow Barbadian members were also holding breaths of intimidation. We were part of a contingent touching down to represent our country over fourteen days of a Caribbean Festival of Arts titled Carifesta XII. My subconscious prepared me to be overwhelmed by images of poverty and violence – the circumstances I had come to expect. Our beautifully decorated prison, (sorry I meant hotel), and stifling security with shotguns dangling at every hip did nothing to cure my concern. Luckily, one of the last things my girlfriend told me before leaving home was to open up, and let Haiti change me and she is always pretty smart about these things……

Motorcycle Taxi Riders wait for their next client

From the dawn of my first morning in Haiti…

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