What to get your guy for Christmas.

Five more days of overly crowded stores, people shoving, grumpiness, and cussing. Five more days until your guy rushes excitedly to the tree with you, drops to his knees, and hands you your gift. Five more days until he tears in to the… ah… gift bag (because you figured that wrapping paper was a waste, as he’d be ripping it up anyway) to see the… ah… socks, tie, and generic cologne you got him. Five more days before he turns to you, you now bedecked in the dress, shoes, and earrings you were eyeing the other day. Five more days before you turn to him, squeal “I love it baby”, but miss his slightly disappointed eyes as he mouths “thanks for the tie; it’s better than the one you got me last year!”


Ah! Christmas is in the air.
Overly dramatic? Maybe. But 100% honest. Having received many thoughtless gifts over the years (from colognes [I’ve never worn because a.) I never wear cologne, and b.) their smell reminds me of what I’d think a brothel should smell like], to clothes that clearly weren’t bought with my measurement in mind), I think it’s about time that I speak up for the guys.

WE LIKE COOL SHIT! Doesn’t have to be expensive… but, it at least has to show that you’ve put even a modicum of thought in to it.

So… let’s get to it. Here’s what’s hot, and what’s not.

NOT: A knife set.


Ok… Your guy likes to cook. You heard him say, while watching Iron Chef, “I really need to get myself a set of knives.” What he meant was exactly what he said: *I* need to get *myself* a set of knives. Gifts, as far as the average person is concerned, are meant to be personal. Knives that you, he, or the average visiting house guest might use, are the furthest thing from personal. You getting him knives is akin to him buying you blender for Christmas. Guys have ended up in the doghouse over less. Trust me on this. (lol)

HOT: Personalised Chef Jacket


Available for  $39.95 here.

HOT: “Seduced by bacon” cookbook.


Available for  $14.80 here.

HOT: “The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining”.


Available for  $15.78 here.

HOT: “Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist”.


Available for  $13.50 here.

Other cool gift ideas for the foodie boyfriend:

Edible Bugs Gift Pack (because what guy doesn’t want to eat something as bad-ass as a scorpion at least once in his life?!) ~ $40 here.

Edible Chocolate Gears (because, well… #Nerdgasm) ~ $43 here.

“Special Shit” Seasoning (because, well… whatever I cook is special shit) ~ $9 here.


NOT: A gym membership.


This may be odd to hear from a supposed meathead trainer but, unless your guy’s a hardcore fitness fanatic, the average guy doesn’t want a gym membership. Sure, he’ll go for a few months with his buddies until he gets bored. Then their excuses will inevitably manifest, and his interest will wane… until a few months later when they decide ‘hey man. Summer’s coming!’ It’s cyclic and, for many, a waste of money. (My apologies to any of the gyms with whom I’m currently affiliated lol)

Hot Alternatives?
A block of: One-on-one or group martial arts classes, personal training, or bootcamp classes. In Barbados, we have a number of companies dedicated to one or more of these services. Check them out: Apollo Fitness Barbados, Barefoot Bootcamp, Fitness With Doddy, and Macaco Fitness.

NOT: Generic socks, ties, and cologne.


HOT: Firth Of Forth Herringtonbone Jacket


Available for  $299 here.

HOT: TheLees’ Men’s Casual & Formal Slim Fit Long Sleeve Dress Shirts


Available for $35.49 here.

HOT: Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android devices.


Available for $198 here.

Other HOT gifts:

Canon PowerShot ELPH Digital Camera – Available for $99 here.

Sony PlayStation 4 – Available for $495 here.

(NB: All prices are listed here in USD) 


This is a non-exhaustive list. But you get the point. Think about your guy: his likes, his dislikes. Don’t know his favourite colour, exact shirt size, or shoe size? That’s not good enough.

Make your guy smile with his eyes as well as his lips this Christmas.


Yours in fitness,
-C. Springer



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