Learning to say ‘no’ has always been central to my business model

Stardate: 11th July 2014

If I don’t believe you to be a good person, I will never work with you. You will never be invited in to my space, to share my energy or oxygen. Doesn’t matter what you’re offering to pay… Because, though many (unhappy) claim otherwise, no amount of money can save a person from the ill effects of stress.

Learning to say ‘no’ has always been central to my business model.

And, being honest, if business owners exercised the right to say no, rather than grabbing at every loose dollar like hungry dogs, a number of things would change:
– People, inclusive of one’s employees, would respect you, your business, and service more.
– Stress Levels would decrease.
– (YOUR) Job satisfaction would increase
– Quality of the service you provide would increase (namely because of the pure joy you’d experience each time you interacted with a customer).

I’m not at all suggesting discrimination mind you. Don’t misread my ramblings. I’m simply saying: develop principles; stick to them.

If your code is “no shirt, no service”, yet you make allowances to grab that extra dollar, then you are part of the problem…and thus have no right to complain about the ppl who come around you, and walk all over your shit.

Learn to say no …or get a desk job.

Yours in fitness,
-Corey “Narkissos” Springer


Ps – Diversify your income stream

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